Download the SQL Server 2012 Standard, your much-needed local or public cloud platform

This Standard version of SQL Server 2012 is the ideal business intelligence solution that enables departments and small businesses to run their applications. SQL Server 2012 Standard is on display on our online platform for you to acquire and remove any barriers to improved productivity.

Install and activate SQL Server 2012 Standard and enjoy ideal database management

The Standard edition of SQL Server 2012 is designed for users with intensive Virtual Machine resources so that each license includes two processors and two MVs. Moreover, It offers data and solutions on a local or public cloud, along with some improvements to your business. This release brings you a variety of innovative features providing you with everything you need in a database management system (DBMS). To better understand how the SQL Server 2012 Standard operates to meet your business requirements, below is a short rundown of its key features.

Windows Server Core

Windows Server Core is the latest technology used in Exchange Server 2012. The SQL Server 2012 Standard can be mounted directly on Windows Server Core to ensure a high degree of security. This version does not have a graphical user interface. However, it lacks Internet Explorer, Control Panel, and other graphical setup resources. In addition, it is a version without a GUI that frees up more RAM space.

AlwaysOn Availability Groups

AlwaysOn Availability Group is a typical standard feature available to all SQL Server users. You need to configure your SQL Server 2012 Standard is the most important way possible. Hence, this function is a new way to cluster databases that differ from the previous approaches used by Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) (MSCS) (MSCS).

Data Quality Services (DQS)

The Data Quality Services grants you the ability to use a knowledge base to perform important data quality tasks, including the correction, enrichment, normalization and deduplication of your data. Data Quality Services (DQS) offers you an interactive profile of your data quality tasks to assess the integrity of your data.


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