Buy Office Home and Business 2019 for Mac transferable digital licence for the best price . Order now, and we will send you the Office 2019 product key for Mac directly via e-mail. 

Attention: This product is only compatible with MacOS devices. It is NOT possible to use on devices running Windows OS.

Transferable Licence

This type of Office 2019 licence is connected to your Microsoft account. It can be easily re-installed into another device when needed, without buying a new licence.

IMPORTANT: You will receive a redeem code that generates a licence through your Microsoft account. Once this code is redeemed, a licence key (different from the one you received from us) will be assigned to your account for the activation of the product. The licence key can be found in the Services and Subscriptions section of your Microsoft Dashboard.

Product Details

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Released on: 24-09-2018
  • Program type: Office Suite
  • Format: Transferable Digital licence
  • Language: EU Multilingual (it is possible to change language settings after installation; additional language packs are also available to be downloaded and installed separately)
  • Includes: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 

    Description & Applications

    Get it all done with Office 2019 Home and Business for Mac and take your productivity to the next level with the classic app experience. Office 2019 comes with improved inking tools, new Excel functions, translation tools and more innovative ways to work efficiently! 

    Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac is the successor to Mac’s Microsoft Office 2016. Like its predecessors, it comes in various packages designed to cater to different users’ needs. Whether you want Office for personal or professional use, Microsoft has the right package for you.

    Microsoft Outlook 2019 

    ‣ Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Send, receive and manage your emails more efficiently with Outlook 2019. Outlook grants you access to all stored contacts and email addresses providing you with the ability to keep information about partners and customers up-to-date. Moreover, the improved app gives you more possibilities with @mentions, Focused Inbox, Travel and Delivery Summary Cards and more. To minimise your workload, you can schedule delivery of email messages in different time zones, use email templates and set read and delivery receipts.

     Microsoft Word 2019

     Microsoft Word 2019

    Create, edit and manage professional text documents in Word 2019. With new tools for translating, easier reading and more natural writing, you can improve your ability to communicate and absorb information. Focus mode, support for LaTeX syntax, Microsoft Translator, and accessibility improvements enhance your productivity. Documents are now easier to find and more convenient to navigate with book-like flipping features and Side to Side view.

     Microsoft Excel 2019

     Microsoft Excel 2019

    Create and manage tables and engage in more powerful data analysis with Excel 2019. In this version, Excel offers tables of all kinds from accounting and product databases. New impressive features, such as new functions (CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH), 2D map and funnel charts, enhanced visuals, new themes, and more provide you with improved methods to display data appealingly. Moreover, ink improvements, easier sharing and better accessibility features allow you to save time while enjoying a familiar workflow.

     Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

     Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

    Create more sophisticated and visually appealing presentations to capture your audience’s attention with PowerPoint 2019. The newest version of the well-known tool comes with improved visual effects, such as Morph Transition, Text Highlighter, and Zoom capabilities. It also allows you to make your presentations more dynamic with 3D models, export to 4K, Play In-click Sequence and more.

    Microsoft OneNote 2019 

     Microsoft OneNote

    Your digital notebook, OneNote, allows you to type, write or draw notes and insert images, audio or video clips from the web. OneNote is available online and syncs up with your other devices. Allowing you to access, update or create new notes from where ever you are. There is no updated 2019 version, but OneNote 2016 is available for Office 2019.


    ► Create with ease.
    Produce powerful presentations, data models, and reports with better tools, new chart types and improved inking across apps.  

    ► Simplify your work.
    Manage your time and contacts more easily with enhanced Office features.

    ► Easy collaboration.
    Create, share and co-create documents in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote for faster productivity than ever with various built-in collaboration tools.

    ► Add visual impact.
    Make more appealing documents, presentations and worksheets with improved SVG integration.

    ► Break the language barrier.
    Utilise Microsoft Translator to quickly translate words, phrases, and other text selections to another language.

    ► Improved Accessibility.
    Use the updated Accessibility Checker and make your documents more accessible and meet international standards. In addition, you can employ sound effects for audio cues to guide you as you work.

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    The initial activation of all purchased products should be performed no later than 3 months after the purchase date. Note that the initial activation period is not the warranty period of the product – all warranty details are thoroughly explained in the terms and conditions section.

    System Requirements

     Required Processor: Intel Processor
     Recommended Memory:  4 GB RAM
     Required Hard Disk Space: 10 GB of available disk space. HFS+ hard disk format (also known as macOS Extended or APFS)
     Required Display: 1280 x 800 screen resolution or higher 
     Required Graphics Card: No graphics requirements
     Required Connectivity: Internet access (fees may apply)
     Other: Microsoft Account
     Operating System: Office 2019 for Mac is supported on the three most recent versions of macOS. When a new version of macOS is released, the Office 2019 for Mac Operating System requirement becomes the then-current three most recent versions: the new version of macOS and the two previous versions.

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