Download Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 and get the most out of its new built-in features

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 enables businesses to benefit from a wide variety of technologies that make teamwork simpler, more effective, and more realistic. Obtain your version from our online store and set the framework for your imminent success.

install and activate Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 and explore new built-in technologies

Enable Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 and explore the new features that have been created and optimized for this program as it helps companies to benefit from a broad spectrum of innovations that make teamwork easier, more efficient and more practical. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 helps users experience improved security by archiving data sources, automated workflow development, seamless data processing and enhanced data analysis due to continuous work on Excel documents. To better understand how this server operates, below is a glimpse of its core functions.


New GUI and improved search feature

The SharePoint Server 2019 home page is a sleek user interface environment that offers consumers with seamless links to all of their pages, both online and on-site. It helps users to work effortlessly, access site action at a glance, and have a customized view on all team data. The SharePoint GUI is also the starting point for users to build a new modern self-serve. The search feature, which was previously effective in the previous edition, was also modified. Currently, the search engines are already shown during validation and are modified regularly. In addition, it is important to rework the search suggestions so that they can be clustered much more easily later on.

SMTP authorization to submit e-mails

SharePoint Server 2019 allows SMTP user protection when submitting e-mail messages. Authentication may be installed via the central administration website and PowerShell. SharePoint Server 2019 will keep allowing private SMTP user connections that do not provide connectivity. This makes it easier and faster for customers to incorporate SharePoint in super-secure settings whereby email encryption is needed. Companies no longer need to mount SharePoint Smart Host Relays in these settings.


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Sharepoint Server 2019